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Something else for your viewing calendar -  The History Chanel on Foxtel is  broadcasting the series Convict Women and Orphan Girls on Saturdays from 7th March to 28th March.

Richard O'Brien who is Chair of the Advisory Committee on Irish Studies at the University of New South Wales wrote of this series -

"Convict Women and Orphan Girls is a compelling portrayal - meticulously researched, vividly scripted and brilliantly enacted - of the dramatic story of the Orphan Girls and indeed of an entire generation of single, married and widowed women transported from Ireland who became the founding mothers of modern Australia.



Banished Look out for Banished a new BBC show about the settlement of NSW. You can read a review here.


Wear a Bonnet - Living Art Installation - Sunday May 10

Remember that if you wish to be a part of this exciting installation that you must register with Christina Henri by emailing her on cjhenri at her address. There is a limit of 2000 people.' 


Members of the Liverpool and South West Lancashire Family History Society, with the support of Pat Bellas, have now researched the lives and trials of well over 200 of the women born in or transported from Lancashire. Stephanie McComb, who is transcribing trial documents from the Liverpool archives, supports their work. Stephanie also came to Tasmania to attend our November seminar last year.



The Cornwall Family History Society, supported by Lynne Tasker, has completed researching the lives of over 70 women born in or transported from Cornwall. They have now started the huge task of researching male convicts transported to VDL.



Parramatta Female Factory Friends Newsletter February 2015 is now available. Parramatta Factory Friends publish their newsletters bi-monthly. For more information visit their website:



Our volunteer team:Lois Newham is one of our longest serving members of our volunteer team. She supports, trains and encourages a dedicated group of volunteer transcribers as well as transcribing a large number of ship’s conduct, indent and description lists herself.

Alan Baker has now completed transcribing the CON40 records for 16 ships. Both he and Lois are experts at reading records and understanding the convict system. We have a wonderful team of volunteers!

Thanks so much to our sterling volunteers.