The Cascades Female Factory Historic Site is temporarily closing its doors on Wednesday 26 May 2021 in order to begin construction on a NEW History and Interpretation Centre.  An entirely new experience, the History and Interpretation Centre will be a world-class facility that emotionally connects you to the stories of triumph and tragedy of Australia's convict women and their children.  Construction by Hansen Yuncken will commence in early June, with a view to reopening to the public in December later this year.

The design of the History and Interpretation Centre was the result of an international design competition held in 2017.  Tasmanian firm, Liminal Studio, in conjunction with Snøhetta and Rush Wright, were selected as winners of the competition with the jury commending their design for its sympathetic approach to the heritage context and for its potential to engage the visitors and heighten their experience of the place, its history and significance.

This project was made possible thanks to the support and commitment of the Tasmanian and Commonwealth governments, and are incredibly grateful to have received $3 million grant funding from the Tasmanian State Government and just over $2 million from the Commonwealth.

They are deeply committed to ensuring our heritage is not only protected for future generations but that the stories of the women convicts and their children are told and better understood. 

Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority will be keeping you, the community and visitors informed throughout the project with updates on their website, newsletters, and Facebook page.




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