The Family and Community Historical Research Society (FACHRS) is based in the U.K. with membership mainly coming from England.  It aims to help those who wish to discover more about the day-to-day lives of their ancestors; to promote research by professional and nonprofessional historians into family and community history; and encourage links between institutionally based and independent researchers. FACHRS membership consists of both amateur and academic historians.

Over the years, major projects have resulted in books on the Swing Riots (agricultural riots 1830 and 1832), 19th century Allotments, and Almshouses and a number of mini-projects based around a different occupation each year alternating between male and female occupations. 

The latest FACHRS newsletter has featured an article on transportation of convicts to the Swan River region of Western Australia.  The author, Christine Seal, has followed convict  life stories from one part of Britain to Australia.  After convict transportation ceased in the eastern states of Australia, transportation to Western Australia continued for another 15 years with the condition that no female convicts be sent there. FCRC have been given permission to share the extract from the FACHRS newsletter with our readers.  The FACHRS newsletters are available to paid-up members.  For more information please visit their website at




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