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FCRC Seminar 2023

Presented in partnership with the School of Humanities, University of Tasmania

Date: Sunday, 7th May 2023

Transported for Life: a lottery?

Just over 780 female convicts sent to Van Diemen’s Land were sentenced to transportation for life. Our next Female Convicts Research Centre seminar will focus on these women. 

Registration will open early February 2023.

Venue to be confirmed.

Seminar Program is now available.



As many of you may already know TROVE is currently fighting for its life! Existing funding for TROVE runs out in July 2023. Ongoing government funding is not guaranteed. Without future financial support TROVE will be unable to develop and expand its services and, at worst, will no longer be a publicly accessible resource. It will cease to exist.

TROVE is an online library database owned by the National Library of Australia working in collaboration with hundreds of partner organisations around Australia including state libraries, government departments, universities, museums, galleries and many professional organisations. These partner organisations also make substantial contributions to the operating costs of TROVE.

For a complete list see

TROVE was established in 2009 and since then has provided free public access to a wide variety of historical and cultural information including newspapers and gazettes, magazines, maps, research, reports, books, diaries, music, videos, organisations, websites and much more.

We are all products of our history – whether it be family, geographical, political, cultural or religious. As a society we learn from history. For many of us, it is an intrinsic part of our nature to want to know what events impacted on our own creation and development. Sadly, many of our early historical records have been destroyed or have not survived the ravages of time. It is therefore critical that we are able to save and digitise those that have survived and are stored in archives around the country. Since its inception thousands of TROVE volunteers (Voluntroves) have preserved our history by transcribing and digitising historical documents, newspapers, books, research etc. For this we are enormously grateful.

TROVE is a critical resource for researchers and writers, family historians and students involved in academic research and teaching Australian history, culture, politics, literature and genealogy. Many FCRC members, researchers and family historians use TROVE on a daily basis. It is an integral part of researching the lives of our female convicts and piecing together their stories that portray the contribution many of these women and their families made to the evolution of this country. Without TROVE many of their stories would be untold.

Please help us to protect this invaluable resource.


  • Express your support for retaining funding for TROVE and email the Minister for the Arts  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Email your local federal member.
  • Add your name to the petition at Petition · Fully Fund Trove · org
  • Start your own petition.
  • Share this information on social media.

If you want to learn more about the future of TROVE go to the following websites:

Trove Strategy | National Library of Australia ( at the heading “A Future for Trove”

Thank you for your support.

[Committee of Management for the Female Convicts Research Centre]



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Convict Image Gallery - Mary Walsh (Earl Grey, 1850); Agnes Turley (Townsend) per Cadet 1848.  (17/08/2022)


Books, Theses & ReportsTasmania v British Empire by Alison Alexander (updated 15/07/2022)

Justice System - An updated web page, replacing the 'Magistrates' page, expanding on the justice system in Van Dieman's Land as it operated during the convict era.  (2/06/2022).

Probation System - Overview and Timeline (contributed by Helen Menard, 20/05/2022).

Seminar Papers - 2021: The Early Years, 1803-1828 most papers are now available along with audio recordings (please contact us for access to audio).



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