Approximately 1240 women arrived with approximately 1698 children.  Several women had children on board, or were on other ships, that were themselves convicts. Approximately 44 children are known to have died on the voyage out, some of these would have been born on the ship.


Children Born Under Sentence.

A list of children born to female convicts under sentence from 1845 to 1857, extracted in 2006 from Tasmanian birth records by Peter Gunn and Rebecca Kippen as part of the Household and Family Formation in Nineteenth Century Tasmania Dataset, Australian National University.


Infant Deaths at Hobart.

A list of children who died in convict nurseries in Hobart from 1829 to 1856, compiled by Anne Ferran from Tasmanian death records.


Infant Deaths at Ross.

A list of children who died in the nursery at Ross Female Factory from 1848 to 1855, compiled by Anne Ferran from Tasmanian death records


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