Some of our members volunteer to transcribe convict records held by the Archives Office of Tasmania into our Female Convicts in Van Diemen's Land database.

The main focus is on transcribing the following convict records:

  • conduct records
  • indents
  • description lists
  • permission to marry records

Other convict records are transcribed when they are available, but have less priority at present until the above records are fully transcribed and quality assured.

Other convict records include:

  • appropriation lists
  • embarkation lists
  • musters

We also have volunteers in the United Kingdom helping out—finding information about the convicts prior to transportation. Also, volunteers involved with the Founders and Survivors Project also enter information in our database.

Read an article, History buffs on the convict trail, published in The Australian on 7 August 2013 about our volunteers.

If you wish to volunteer to assist with this project, please contact our Database Manager & Volunteers Coordinator by email .


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