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FCRC Seminar:  Sunday, 7th May, 2023

Topic:  Transported for Life

Call for papers now open.



Forthcoming Seminar: Transported for life

Call for papers now open

Date : Sunday, 7 May 2023.

Venue:  To be confirmed

Just over 780 female convicts sent to Van Diemen’s Land were sentenced to transportation for life. Our next Female Convicts Research Centre seminar will focus on these women.

Possible topics may include :

- sentencing of women generally with particular emphasis on life sentences
- who were the women sentenced to life? - what became of them in the colony and what was the impact of the sentence on their lives?
- women whose death sentences were commuted to life
- why some women received life sentences and others much lighter sentences for the same crime
- the role of petitions in determining sentences
- influences on judges and magistrates when sentencing women to life

If you would like to present a 20-minute paper at the seminar, please forward an abstract for consideration to by 17 October 2022. The abstract should outline your intended topic, the points you will highlight and the sources you will be using to inform your paper.

Dianne Snowden, President

Jane Hofto, Seminar Organising Committee


Spring 2010: Populating the Ross Female Factory

Autumn 2010: Female Factories: Who worked there and why?


Referencing suggestion for seminar papers:

[Author], '[Title of paper'], unpublished paper presented at  FCRC Seminar, [seminar date].

or if published:

[Author], ['Title of paper'],  paper presented at FCRC Seminar, [seminar date],





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