The Orphan Schools of Van Diemen's Land

(held in conjunction with Friends of the Orphan Schools)

Saturday 9 April 2011
Old Sunday School, St John's Precinct, New Town, TAS
Session 1
  • Andrew Cocker:  A Very Bad Child: the Story of Sarah Briggs
  • Lyn McLeavy:  Ann Young and the aftermath of the Irish Famine
  • Lucy Frost:  John Offer’s flawed crusade for the Boys School, 1838-1839
  • James Parker:  "Captain Booth's Piccaninnies"
  • Grant Finlay:  Aboriginal Children at the Orphan Schools
Session 2
  • Toni Sherwood:  Childhood outside the Orphan Schools in mid-nineteenth-century Van Diemen’s Land
  • Rosie Davidson:  "Faith, Funerals and Children at the Orphan Schools"
  • Andrea Gerrard:  "The Convict Stain: the story of three generations of the Quamby/Taylor Family"
  • Joyce Purtscher:  “The Orphan School Stigma”


  • Tour of the Orphan School site (Joyce Purtscher)
Session 3: Getting the message out: a workshop on our websites and their potential uses
  • Trudy Cowley (Female Convicts Research Group (Tasmania))
  • Dianne Snowden (Friends of the Orphan Schools)
  • David Boon (Education Department)


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