From the Edges of the Empire: female convicts born or tried outside the British Isles

Saturday 9 November 2013

Penitentiary Chapel, corner Brisbane and Campbell Streets, Hobart

Feature article, Untold story of our deep convict past, in The Mercury (9 November 2013) about the seminar.

Session 1

  • Cheryl Griffin: Life on the edge: How six black women from the British Caribbean found themselves in New South Wales
  • Jan Richardson: Stories from the Caribbean: The transportation of female convicts born in the West Indies to New South Wales in the 1830s
  • Darryl Massie: Maria—from runaway slave to convict

Session 2

  • Maureen Mann: The Canadian Connection
  • Alison Alexander: French women in the Antipodes
  • Douglas Wilkie: Eugenie Caroline Lemaire: Woman of fashion and influence; or con-woman?

Tour of the Penitentiary Chapel

Session 3: 3 papers

  • Eilin Hordvik: Policing in the Indian Ocean: Four women convicted to transportation on the Island of Mauritius
  • Cassandra Pybus: From Mauritius to New South Wales: the childhood exile of Elizabeth and Constance
  • Lucy Frost: Writing biographies for the website: the story of Mary Jane

General discussion


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