Convict motherhood

Sunday 7 May 2017

Hobart Town Hall


Session One: Mothers and Children

Lucy Frost: Motherhood under sentence: analysis

Dianne Snowden:  Convict mothers accompanied by their children

Nicola Goc:  ‘Deviant’ mothers in the Van Diemen’s Land convict system

Session Two: Birthing and Babies

Colette McAlpine:   Convict Midwives

Jessica Walters:  From the Crime Class to Confinement: giving birth in the Cascades Female Factory

Ros Escott:  Infant feeding in the convict era

Robyn Everist : Mothering Denied – the development of infants when separated from their convict mothers

Session Three: Mothers on Convict Voyages

Colleen Arulappu:   ‘I’ll take the two youngest’. Mothers from the East London convict ship

Meredith Hodgson:  ‘It terminated fatally’: illness and death for mothers and children on the transport Anna Maria

Alison Alexander:   Women who did not have children – why not?



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