A Great Blessing? Convict Women and Orphan School Children

To mark the 190th anniversary of the Orphan School, the Spring 2018 seminar was held jointly by the Female Convicts Research Centre and the Friends of the Orphan Schools, Sunday 28th October, 2018 at the Orphan School, St. John's Avenue, New Town.


Session 1: The Early Years.

1828: Ann Solomon – ‘Three children at the Orphan Schools’ [Craig Mackie]

Orphan School to female factory [Geoff Mitchelmore]

Euphemia Lawson; Three generations of convict and orphans [Andrew Cocker]

Session 2: Life in the Orphan Schools

Izod King [Jann Niven]

The underfed children of Bridget Norton [Jennifer Jacobs]

Security to destitution [Petrina Osborne]

Session 3: The Final Years

Later lives of the orphan children [Maureen Mann]

Second Generation Orphans: Isabella Hutchinson’s children [Caroline Haigh]


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