FCRC Seminar 2022

Presented in partnership with the School of Humanities, University of Tasmania


This seminar focussed on the very youngest of the female convicts transported to Van Diemen’s Land – those aged 16 and under. Presentations examined their origins, their convict experience and the lives that they built post-sentence.


Held on Sunday, 1st May 2022

Venue: Stanley Burbury Theatre, University of Tasmania.


9.15   Welcome from the President of the FCRC, Dianne Snowden

Official opening by the Hon. Elise Archer, Attorney General and Minister of the Arts

Session 1:

Margaret Dimech:   Girls interrupted: transported to VDL before reaching adulthood.

Dianne Snowden:   'This wasted child’: the youngest of the young

Kristyn Harman:   A ‘female of dissolute habits’? Mary Jane Dougherty’s  life in Ireland, Van Diemen’s Land and Victoria c. 1829 – 1855

Session 2:

Don Bradmore:   Convict sisters – Margaret and Ann Richardson

Colette McAlpine:   I can almost touch the convict system: Selina Langley & Sarah Ann French 

Dee Hoole, University of Aberdeen, Scotland:   Keynote presentation: Grace McIntosh: an Aberdeen Quine

Dr Kristyn Harman and Dr Kate Bagnall:   UTAS Courses to tempt history enthusiasts

Special presentation:

Richard Tuffin, historical archaeologist:   Where we once lived: recreating past environments to understand past Tasmanian lives

Session 3:

Maureen Mann:   Girls who wandered over city and sea and land

Tom Dunbabin:   Convict girls transported in the 1830s

Alison Alexander:   Summary and conclusion


Recordings of the 2022 seminar program






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