FCRC Seminar Sunday, 7 May 2023

 Presented in partnership with the School of Humanities, University of Tasmania

Venue:  Stanley Burbury Theatre, University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay


Transported for Life: a lottery?

This seminar focused on those convicts considered some of the worst to arrive in Van Diemen’s Land: the 780 women who were convicted to transportation for life.  Presentations examined the sentencing process, the origins of the ‘lifers’, their convict experience and the lives that they built post-sentence.



9.20   Book launch (CWP) by Emeritus Professor Kate Warner, Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania 

9.40   Session 1.

  • Keynote Speaker: Margaret Dimech: Sent across the Seas for Life
  • Tom Dunbabin: Lifers - how they got here & where they ended up

11.15  Session 2. 

  • Yvonne Jackson:  The “foulest of crimes” or No other Choice?
  • Dr. W. Lilian Macdonald : "A throw of the Dice”: inconsistencies in life sentencing within the Scottish Justice system
  • Colette McAlpine: Ann Margaret Wright: “a most eventful and miserable career” (written by Don Bradmore)
  • Colleen Arulappu: ‘I was sentenced to be hanged’: appeals for mercy against the death penalty, Ireland 1840-1850

1.35   Carla Pascoe Leahy: UTAS presentation

1.45·   Dr Jennifer Jones-Travers:  Old boots and cloth scraps: Archaeological evidence of resource shortages at Anglesea Barracks, Hobart 

2.00    Session 3

  • Don Bradmore: Charlotte Goodhall: ‘...a particularly deserving woman'
  • Anna Kay: ‘From childbed to the tree’: the case of Charlotte Harris


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