Female Convicts Research Centre Seminar 2020.


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Based on current advice, and the best public health information available, the Female Convicts Research Committee has decided to postpone indefinitely the seminar to be held on Sunday 5 April 2020. We have made the decision reluctantly and acknowledge the huge effort that has gone in to the organisation of the seminar, and especially the work done in the preparation of those papers to be presented. We look forward to rescheduling the seminar when the COVID-19 situation improves.

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Dr Dianne Snowden AM

President, Female Convicts Research Centre

13 March 2020



Topic: The Early Years 1803 -1828

Sunday 5th April  2020

Hobart Town Hall, Macquarie Street


South west view of Hobart Town Van Diemen's Land, 1820. / G.W. Evans delt. ; Engraved by R. Havell & Son.  Source:  TAHO


Two hundred years ago, the Morley sailed from London to Hobart Town. This was the first time that convict women were sent to Van Diemen’s Land directly from England. The convict women on the Morley arrived at a time before the Hobart Town Female Factory was established, raising the question of how they were managed. The Morley disembarked 50 of its cargo of 121 women; the reminder sailed to Sydney. This pattern of shared voyages continued for some time and it was not until the Providence in 1826 that a female convict ship disembarked its entire shipment of convict women in Hobart.

Our Seminar for 2020 will explore the experience of those convict women who came directly to Hobart Town and compare it with those who came via Sydney. Why was the system changed? What impact did it have on the lives of the convict women? 


8:30    Registration Open

9:15    Welcome:   FCRC Committee President:  Dianne Snowden

9:30    SESSION 1

An overview of the early years:  Dianne Snowden

Catherine Tobin:  John Ewington 

Maria Lord, convict governor's lady and entrepreneur Alison Alexander


MORNING TEA 10:30 to 11:00


11:00  SESSION 2

The voyage of the Morley, 1820 (Part 1):  Elaine Crawford

The Voyage of the Morley, 1820 (Part 2):  Colette McAlpine

Cast to Hobart Town or Sydney: a comparison of the lives of Morley women:  Dianne Lowe


LUNCH   12:00 to 1:00


1:00 to 1:30   VIRTUAL HOBART TOWN : John Stephenson

An interactive digital platform for exploring the capital of Van Diemen’s Land during the colonial era. A unique adventure and experience of what life was like in colonial Hobart Town.


1:30   SESSION 3

Early Years at the George Town Female Factory:   Diane Phillips

Rachael Chamberlain and Sarah Fenton: The impact on their lives of the voyage of Mary Anne, 1822: Don Bradmore        

Maria Allen assigned to Sarah Island – twice:  Graeme Boxhall      

Doing Time: The 1825 factory system in decline:  Helen Quilty     




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Hobart Town Hall

The entrance to the Hobart Town Hall is off Macquarie Street, with wheelchair access. The Hall is on the first floor, with a magnificent staircase or a lift (to your right as you enter). Women’s toilets: ground floor at left, first floor just outside the Hall. Men’s toilets: ground floor at right.


Parking meter charges apply on Sundays, so street parking is inadvisable. The large Argyle Street Car Park is a block and a half north of the Town Hall. There is a maximum charge of $4 on Sundays.

Parking on the Hobart Domain is free, with a 10-15 minute walk to the Town Hall.


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