After being sentence to transportation, convicts could petition the Government for a reprieve. These petitions give an insight into the lives of women before conviction, including details of family, employment and offence. Many petitions show the poverty and sad circumstances of the women and their grief at separation from loved ones. Also among the petitions are glimpses of cunning thefts and practised criminal activity. There are others which tell stories of society in appeals against the death penalty, crimes committed because of ignorance, or because of love or betrayal of others. Often, the only time we hear the voice of convict women is in their petitions.

Some of our volunteers (particularly Margaret Thomas, Colleen Arulappu, Rhonda Arthur and Keith Searson) are transcribing these petitions. Provided here, in attached documents, are the petition transcriptions listed against their convict ship.

There are many more petitions available in the Female Convicts in Van Diemen's Land Database listed against convict names in the Pre-transportation page. 



Recent Petitions

(Petition transcriptions are available in the Female Convicts in Van Diemen's Land Database)


KENNA Margaret (Midlothian, 1853) CRF 1851 K37, Irish Transportation Records NAI (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 25/10/2022).

KENNY, Ann (John William Dare, 1852).  CRF 1851 K26 Irish Transportation Records NAI (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 25/10/2022).

McQUADE/McGUADE, Sarah (per Midlothian 1853), CRF 1847 Mc26, Irish Transportation Records NAI (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 19/10/2022).  Sarah McQuade/McGuade was successful with this petition and she was discharged from the jail. But almost certainly it is the same woman who was convicted in 1851 and transported on the Midlothian 1853.

HANNEEN, Mary (per Martin Luther, 1852) CRF 1851 H45 Irish Transportation Records NAI (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 17/10/2022)

THEEHY, Catherine  (per Arabian 1847), CRF 1846 T6 Irish Transportation Records NAI (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 13/10/2022)

SLOAN, Margaret (per Tasmania 1845), CRF1845 S8 Irish Transportation Records NAI (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 13/10/2022)

DALY, Bridget (per Arabian 1847) CRF 1846 D36 Irish Transportation Records NAI (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 11/10/2022)

DUFFE, Catherine (per Arabian 1847) CRF 1846 D34 Irish Transportation Records NAI (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 11/10/2022)

FURY, Bessy, (per Midlothian 1853) CRF 1851 F39  Irish Transportation Records NAI. (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 9/10/2022)

FITZGERALD, Honora, (per Martin Luther, 1852) CRF 1851 F41 Irish Transportation Records NAI. (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 9/10/2022)

FLYNN, Mary(2nd) (per Blackfriar 1850). CRF 1851 F1, Irish Transportation Records NAI. (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 2/10/2022)

AHERN, Mary (per Earl Grey, 1850). CRF 1851 A3, Irish Transportation Records National Archives Ireland. (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 18/09/2022).  Also includes petition for Mary Ahern (mother of the above Mary Ahern) CRF 1851 A10.

SHAW, Jane (per Blackfriar, 1850). CRF 1850 S43 Irish Transportation Records National Archives Ireland. (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 8/09/2022)

McNULTY, Bridget (per Duke of Cornwall, 1850). Irish Transportation Records National Archives Ireland. (Contributed by Colleen Arulappu 28/07/2022)

MANN, Bridget ( per Duke of Cornwall 1851). Irish Transportation Records National Archives Ireland. (contributed by Colleen Arulappu 25/07/2022),

HENNESSY, Mary Anne (per Duke of Cornwall 1851). Irish Transportation Records National Archives Ireland. (contributed by Colleen Arulappu 6/06/2022)



A selection of petitions in PDF format


Surnames with prefixes "Mc" may be listed as though spelt "Mac".

Petitions available for female convicts on ships which sailed direct to Van Diemen's Land:

A - D



Anna Maria







Baretto Junior 1850



Brothers 1824


Cadet 1848

Cadet 1849


Duchess of Northumberland

Duke of Cornwall

E - I

Earl Grey

East London



Elizabeth and Henry 1847

Elizabeth and Henry 1848

Elizabeth Henrietta

Emma Eugenia 1842

Emma Eugenia 1844

Emma Eugenia 1846

Emma Eugenia 1851


Frances Charlotte


Garland Grove 1841

Garland Grove 1843

Gilbert Henderson





Henry 1825






J - O


John Calvin

John William Dare




Lady Nelson

Lady of the Lake


Lord Auckland

Lord Sidmouth



Margaret 1843

Maria 1849

Mary 1823

Mary 1831

Mary Anne 1821

Mary Anne 1841







New Grove



P - Z







Royal Admiral



Sea Queen

Sir Charles Forbes

Sir Robert Seppings


St Vincent


Tasmania 1844

Tasmania 1845

Tory 1845

Tory 1848


Waverley 1842

Waverley 1847


William Bryan





Petitions available for female convicts on ships which sailed direct to New South Wales then later to VDL

Friends Maria 1818 William Pitt


Petitions (Ships direct to Van Diemen's Land)

Ship Arrival Year Convict Transcript Comments
America 1831
America 1831 Eliza BROWN HO17/128/9  
America 1831 Ann BURNE HO17/46/43  
America 1831 Jane COOK HO18/219 Transported for life, aged 72
America 1831 Margaret CORBETT HO17/46/GP49 Aged 13.
America 1831 Mary CULLY HO17/63/26  
America 1831 Bridget GRIFFITHS HO17/31/46  
America 1831 Ann HUGHES HO17/3/4  
America 1831 Rebecca HULL HO17/71/79O  
America 1831 Ann SAUNDERS HO17/123/23  
America 1831 Mary SMITH HO17/58/10  
America 1831 Matilda SMITH HO17/31/8  
Angelina 1844
Angelina 1844 Harriet BUDD HO18/118  
Angelina 1844 Emma CATO/KATTO HO18/103 Daughter (22) of John and Ann Reed
Angelina 1844 Eliza CLEVELAND HO18/120  
Angelina 1844 Mary Ann DOUGAN HO18/92  
Angelina 1844 Mary Ann FIELD HO18/120  
Angelina 1844 Hannah GOULD HO18/119  
Angelina 1844 Sarah GUY HO18/237  
Angelina 1844 Elizabeth Mary JONES HO18/128 Child Stealing
Angelina 1844 Ann McCORMICK HO18/131 Murder - death sentence
Angelina 1844 Harriet ROWE HO18/133  
Angelina 1844 Mary Ann SAVERY HO18/133  
Angelina 1844 Ann TAYLOR HO18/134  
Angelina 1844 Ann TITLAH HO18/134  
Angelina 1844 Eliza TRIGG HO18/123  
Angelina 1844 Mary VITTERIDGE HO18/135  
Angelina 1844 Elizabeth WATSON HO18/91  
Anna Maria 1852
Anna Maria 1852 Sarah CHERRY or KERR HO18/313  
Anna Maria 1851 Margaret DOUGLAS HO18/313  
Anna Maria 1852 Margaret FRASER HO18/303  
Anna Maria 1852 Sarah HAMILTON HO18/313  
Anna Maria 1852 Charlotte HARRIS HO18/274 Sentenced to death while pregnant
Anna Maria 1852 Sarah KNIGHT HO18/303  
Anna Maria 1852 Catherine McDONALD or McFARLANE HO18/315  Petition for Mary Anderson
Anna Maria 1852 Catharine McGILVRAY HO18/315 Petition also mentions associates Jane Clark and Ann Kilgour
Arab 1836
Arab 1836 Emma COUSINS HO17/ Findmypast  
Arab 1836 Caroline CUNNINGHAM HO17/115/3  
Arab 1836 Isabella JACKSON HO17/130/11  
Arab 1836 Rachael KELLY HO17/115/41  
Arab 1836 Mary Ann PENDRILL HO17/105/34  
Arab 1836 Ann SMITH HO 17/79/49  
Arab 1836 Emma SMITH HO17/101/2  
Arab 1836 Margaret SMITH HO17/105/42  
Arab 1836 Eliza TOYSBIN HO17/55/33  
Arabian 1847
Arabian 1847 Ellen BERCARY CRF-1846-B51 Transported for life
Arabian 1847 Jane BYRNE CRF 1846 B38 Jane (widow and mother of 3 young children)  took 2 children with her - one died at sea
Arabian 1847 Mary Ann DOGHERTY CRF 1846 D41  
Arabian 1847 Catherine GRANT CRF 1846 G4  Aged 17.
Arabian 1847 Norry KEILY (KEEFE) CRF 1846 – T8 Also known as Keeffe
Arabian 1847 Mary KENNY CRF-1846-K21 Petition mentions the cost of transportation
Arabian 1847 Mary O'HEAR CRF 1846-O2 Tried with Susan Plunkett (Arabian 1847) and Mary Burke (Waverley 1847)
Arabian 1847 Agnes O'MALLEY NAI CRF 1846 O11  
Asia 1847
Asia 1847 Mary Ann BRIEN HO18/197 Alias Mary Obrien or Smith or Johnson, mother of 4 children between 7 mths and 9 years.
Asia 1847 Catherine CONNOR HO18/188  
Asia 1847 Jane CREE HO18/149 This petition refers to an earlier offence
Asia 1847 Jane GARSIDE HO18/190  
Asia 1847 Susan HAMILTON or KAIN HO18/195  
Asia 1847 Ann HARRIS HO18/195  
Asia 1847 Mary Ann HARRYMAN HO18/195 Aged 18
Asia 1847 Jane KEANE HO18/188  
Asia 1847 Elizabeth PERKINS HO18/197  
Asia 1847 Charlotte ROBERTS HO18/187 Charlotte did not arrive in Van Diemen's Land
Asia 1847 Ann TRAVIS HO18/187  
Asia 1847 Sarah WILKINSON HO18/200 30 year old mother of 5 children
Aurora 1851
Aurora 1851 Agnes CAMERON HO11/286  
Aurora 1851 Mary DUNNE HO18/287  
Aurora 1851 Mary FINNAN or MURPHY HO18/299 Culpable Homicide, mother of 3 young children, abandoned by her husband.
Aurora 1851 Mary Ann JONES HO18/299  
Aurora 1851 Jane LIDDELL HO18/295 44 yr old widow with 5 children
Aurora 1851 Sarah WOOD HO18/299  
Australasia 1849
Australasia 1849 Catherine GAYNOR CRF-1849-G13  
Australasia 1849 Ellen GIBNEY CRF-1849-G8  
Australasia 1849 Bridget HAYES CRF 1848 H58  
Australasia 1849 Jane LOGUE (Police no.197) CRF 1846 - L16 Tried with Eliza White, Anne Mulholland (died on board) and Mary Anne McGinty – per Arabian 1847
      CRF 1849 1st petition was successful in 1846, but Jane was convicted again and transported in 1849.
Baretto Junior 1850
Baretto Junior 1850 Eliza BAKER HO18/217  
Baretto Junior 1850 Jean BAXTER HO18/267  
Baretto Junior 1850 Fanny JOHNSON HO18/271 Age 17
Baretto Junior 1850 Jane Mary MAHER HO18/268  
Baretto Junior 1850 Elizabeth MONCUR (or GOWANS) HO18/244  
Baretto Junior 1850 Margaret MORRIS HO18/243 Pregnant, petitioning for her 2 yr old child to accompany her.
Baretto Junior 1850 Mary Jan TURNER or TODNER HO18/273 Age 13, tried with her brother John, aged 10.
Baretto Junior 1850 Dorothy WAKE HO18/268  
Blackfriar 1851
Blackfriar 1851 Mary BROWN/BROWNE CRF 1850 B40 Infanticide
Blackfriar 1851 Catherine CASEY CRF 1850 C24 Assault and robbery, along with 2 brothers
Blackfriar 1851 Alice McDermott CRF 1848 Mc26 This is a successful petition for an earlier conviction.
Blackfriar 1851 Anne WHELAN CRF-1850-W21  
Borneo 1828
Borneo 1828 Mary NEEDHAM HO17/93/5  
Borneo 1828 Sarah SELLEY/SILLEY HO17/112/WM27  
Brothers 1824
Brothers 1824 Jane CEFENDER HO13/40/218 Also Mentions Elizabeth Evans. Both women sentenced to death for forgery, (commuted).
Cadet 1848
Cadet 1848 Catherine CLARKE HO18/193  
Cadet 1848 Susan CLEMENTS HO18/193  
Cadet 1848 Mary Ann HASTINGS HO18/204  
Cadet 1848 Julia HIGGINS HO18/195 Julia was 16 years of age
Cadet 1848 Sarah JONES HO18/195  
Cadet 1848 Mary LARTER HO18/196  
Cadet 1848 Emily LILLEY HO18/196  
Cadet 1848 Matilda MACE HO18/184 Matila was 14 when the offence was committed, and 16 at time of petition. (Also referred to as Elizabeth Mace).
Cadet 1848 Sarah PROSSER HO18/245  
Cadet 1848 Margaret SMITH HO18/253 Aged 18
Cadet 1848 Janet THOMSON HO18/178  
Cadet 1848 Margaret VERNON HO18/205  
Cadet 1848 Eliza WARREN HO18/200  
Cadet 1848 Mary WELSH HO18/187  Petition mentions her approaching confinement
Cadet 1848 Emily WITHERIDGE HO18/200  
Cadet 1849
Cadet 1849 Grace ANDERSON HO18/212  
Cadet 1849 Johanna BRADSHAW HO18/214  
Cadet 1849 Mary Ann CLARKE HO18/219  
Cadet 1849 Mary Jane COOK HO18/193  
Cadet 1849 Mary Ann LYNCH HO18/236 Mother of 12 month old infant
Cadet 1849 Ellen RIAN HO18/247 Mother of 2 children.
Cadet 1849 Ann TURNBULL HO18/254 Indicted for the murder of her illegitimate child
Cadet 1849 Mary TWIST HO18/254  
Duchess of Northumberland 1853
D. of Northumberland 1853 Ellen BARRETT HO18/308  
D. of Northumberland 1853 Caroline BAYLISS HO18/341  
D. of Northumberland 1853 Jane DOYLE HO18/343  
D. of Northumberland 1853 Jane HARRIS HO18/345  
D. of Northumberland 1853 Ann HOPEWELL HO18/331  
D.of Northumberland 1853 Mary LEEMAN HO18/347  
Duke of Cornwall 1850
Duke of Cornwall 1850 Catherine FLAHERTY/FLYNN CRF 1849 F22  
Duke of Cornwall 1850


CRF 1850 H 13 Age 14.
Duke of Cornwall 1850 Bridget MANN CRF 1850 M17 Infanticide
Duke of Cornwall 1850 Alice McGUCHANE CRF-1851-C8  
Earl Grey 1850
Earl Grey 1850 Bridget CONLAN/HARTIGAN CRF 1849 H55 Petition from 1848. 
Earl Grey 1850 Anne FORBES CRF 1849 F20  
Earl Grey 1850 Sarah MAYN/MAGEE

CRF 1849 M45

Earl Grey 1850 Mary McKELVEY CRF 1849 Mc14 Infanticide
Earl Grey 1850 Bridget McMAHON CRVF 1849 Mc42 Infanticide.  Died on voyage.
Earl Grey 1850 Ann McPUDEMY/McPHELEMY CRF 1848 Mc17 Convicted with Mary McQuade
Earl Grey 1850 Mary McQUADE CRF 1848 Mc17 Convicted with Ann McPudemy/McPhelemy
East London 1843
East London 1843 Catherine CAHILL CRF-1843-C69  
East London 1843 Bridget CAREY CRF-1841-C88  
East London 1843 Mary CARR CRF-1843-C8  
East London 1843 Dolly DOURAGAN CRF-1843-D16  
East London 1843 Ellen DUFFY CRF-1842-D21 An additional letter has been added to Ellen/ Eleanor Duffey from the East London.
East London 1843 Nancy (Anne) EAGAN CRF-1842-G31 Film 47. This is the petition for Anne Golden who was charged alongside Nancy (Anne) Eagan - both are mentioned in this petition.
East London 1843 Bridget FITZSIMMONS CRF-1843-F5  
East London 1843 Anne GOLDEN CRF-1842-G31 Film 47. Also includes mention of Nancy (Anne) Eagan
East London 1843 Sarah GREEN CRF-1843-G3  
East London 1843 Catherine HOARE CRF-1843-H41 Film 51.  Catherine was included in the petition  of her brother Denis Herrick
East London 1843 Mary Ann JONES CRF-1843-J5  
East London 1843 Anne LEE CRF 1843 L15 Film 52. The name on the petition was Honora Lee but was corrected by the judge to Ann Lee.
East London 1843 Anne LYNCH CRF-1840-L50 petition made by husband Thomas Lynch
East London 1843 Frances McBURNEY CRF-1843-Mc4  
East London 1843 Susan MULLAN CRF-1842-M87 included in the middle of the file
East London 1843 Catherine MURRAY CRF-1842-F17 information on Catherine included in petition of Thomas Fields
East London 1843 Judith MURTAGH CRF-1843-M7  
East London 1843 Catherine PATTERSON CRF-1842-F28 The petition for Jonathan Francis mentions Catherine Patterson’s involvement in the same crime
East London 1843 Ann QUINN CRF-1843-Q4  
East London 1843 Anne RAY CRF-1842-R1  
East London 1843 Martha REILLY CRF-1843-R12  
East London 1843 Catherine RIORDAN CRF-1842-R12  
East London 1843 Catherine SHAW CRF-1843-K8 information on Catherine included in petition for Owen Kennedy
Edward 1834
Edward 1834 Mary BLACKMORE HO17/79/8  
Edward 1834 Jane GARDENER HO17/119/41 Was 14 years old at time of offence
Edward 1834 Mary GOULDING HO17/129/ZS3 Mary Goulding/Golding aged 13
Edward 1834 Ann GREEN HO17/99/SS7  
Edward 1834 Eliza LOCK HO17/124/5  
Edward 1834 Frances MARTEN HO17/114/60 Known as Fanny Marten. Convicted with Thomas Andrens
Edward 1834 Hannah MATHERS HO17/89/1  
Edward 1834 Mary NOBLE HO17/119/18  
Edward 1834 Mary ONIONS HO17/74/16  
Edward 1834 Priscilla PIKE HO17/114/31  
Edward 1834 Mary TAYLOR HO17/109/10  
Edward 1834 Harriett WALLESS HO17/99/7 Walless also spelt as Wallis. Convicted with Robert Slocomb(e), Ann Green,  Nicholas/Richard Goodhew.
Edward 1834 Catherine WELCH HO17/114/32  
Edward 1834 Ann WESTWOOD HO17/114/40 Petition also mentions involvement of Priscilla Westwood
Edward 1834 Louisa WINES HO17/10/124  
Eliza 1830
Eliza 1830 Mary GRAHAM HO17/40/34  
Eliza 1830 Ann HARRIS HO17/50/25  
Eliza 1830 Charity STEVENS HO17/50/HO54 Aged 18
Eliza 1830 Mary SULLIVAN H017/31/45  
Elizabeth and Henry 1847
Elizabeth and Henry 1847 Ellen CORNWALL HO18/171  
Elizabeth and Henry 1847 Margaret FITZGERALD HO18/172  
Elizabeth and Henry 1847 Ellen JORDAN HO18/183  
Elizabeth and Henry 1847 Mary SMITH HO18/185  
Elizabeth and Henry 1848
Elizabeth and Henry 1848 Rosanna DONELLY HO18/206  
Elizabeth and Henry 1848 Mary HART or WILSON HO18/179  
Elizabeth and Henry 1848 Marjory KENNEDY HO18/233  
Elizabeth and Henry 1848 Margaret SMITH HO18/205  
Elizabeth and Henry 1848 Mary Ann STEWART HO18/250 Age 19, In prison 19 times, 14 yrs transportation
Elizabeth and Henry 1848 Mary WELSH HO18/210 Name also spelt as "Walsh"
Elizabeth Henrietta 1818
Elizabeth Henrietta 1818 Mary LEIGH HO13/30/406-407 Transported for life for stealing
Emma Eugenia 1842
Emma Eugenia 1842 Mary BECK HO18/58  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Catherine BLUNSUM HO18/-  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Elizabeth BOORMAN HO18/57  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Harriet BROAD HO18/56  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Margaret BROWN HO18/58 Also Known as Eliza
Emma Eugenia 1842 Eliza COLE HO18/56  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Mary DOUGALL HO18/64  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Mary Ann EPPS HO18/63  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Rhoda GUNN HO18/57  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Charlotte HUGHES HO18/57 Charlotte was in her last month of pregnancy when tried
Emma Eugenia 1842 Mary KELLY HO18/59  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Elizabeth McCOLOUGH HO18/59 aged 16/17
Emma Eugenia 1842 Elizabeth SHARP HO18/58  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Ann SMITH HO18/58  
Emma Eugenia 1842 Mary SMITH HO18/60 aka Mary Ann Smith
Emma Eugenia 1841 Catherine SYMON HO18/52 Murder of Child. Sentenced to death.
Emma Eugenia 1842 Eleanor/Elenor WILLIAMS HO18/58 widow with 3 small children
Emma Eugenia 1844
Emma Eugenia 1844


HO18/117 .
Emma Eugenia 1844 Sarah STEVENS HO18/155 Also includes Elizabeth Johnson
Emma Eugenia 1846
Emma Eugenia 1846


Harriet BARBER

HO18/166 Petition for 2 sisters.
Emma Eugenia 1846 Ann FARREL HO18/167  
Emma Eugenia 1846 Caroline GARDNER HO18/167  
Emma Eugenia 1846

Phoebe JOLLY

Emma Eugenia 1846 Christian/Christiana NISH HO18/175  
Emma Eugenia 1846 Ann McPHERSON HO18/174  
Emma Eugenia 1846 Mary Ann ROBINSON HO18/161  
Emma Eugenia 1846 Ann SPALDING HO18/164  
Emma Eugenia 1846 Ann STEWART HO18/177 Mother of 2 young children

Emma Eugenia

1846 Jane TURNER HO18/178 Mother of 11 children, with a sick husband
Emma Eugenia 1846 Margaret WELSH HO18/164 Aged 16
Emma Eugenia 1846 Ann WRIGHT HO18/178  
Emma Eugenia 1851
Emma Eugenia 1851 Catherine ARUNDELL HO18/288 Highway Robbery
Emma Eugenia 1851 Sarah BRADSHAW HO18/275  
Emma Eugenia 1851 Mary Ann COOPER HO18/280 Mother of 4 children
Emma Eugenia 1851 Isabella GRANT or HARPER HO18/276  
Emma Eugenia 1851 Ann HEALEY HO18/286  
Emma Eugenia 1851 Caroline HILL or HILLS HO18/271 Aged 17
Emma Eugenia 1851 Emma KIRKWOOD HO18/291 Aged 17
Emma Eugenia 1851 Bridget OSWALD HO18/283  
Emma Eugenia 1851 Mary SAVILL HO18/289  
Emma Eugenia 1851 Mary Ann SHEEHAN HO18/283 Also spelt as Mary Anne Sheehan. Aged 15/17
Emma Eugenia 1851 Elizabeth TUTTIETT HO18/286  
Frances Charlotte 1833
Frances Charlotte 1833 Mary BLOOMFIELD HO18/141  
Frances Charlotte 1833 Eleanor BOWMAN HO17/89/QQ10 AKA Ellinor Bowman,19.  Sentence of death commuted to life. Also mentions accomplices Mary Ann Frears, Sarah McLaughlin
Frances Charlotte 1833 Elizabeth LEVETT HO17/129/14 Petition combined with Maria Petit
Frances Charlotte 1833 Letitia PADWICK HO17/3/104  
Frances Charlotte 1833 Maria PETIT HO17/129/1

Name spelt as PETTETT on the Petition.

Petition combined with Elizabeth Levett

Frances Charlotte 1833 Ann SCHOFIELD HO17/3/120 Tried in the name of Ann Scofield by mistake. 
Frances Charlotte 1833 Maria WATTS HO17/119/XQ27  
Garland Grove 1841
Garland Grove 1841 Jean BAIRD or HADDEN HO18/51 Mother of 7, the youngest 13 months old
Garland Grove 1841 Mary BUTCHER HO18/46  
Garland Grove 1841 Ann COOPER HO18/51 Aged 17
Garland Grove 1841 Susan EDWARDS HO18/41 late of No 10 Fountain Street Landport
Garland Grove 1841 Emma HARLING HO11/15 Attempted murder of new-born child.
Garland Grove 1841 Catherine McCRINE HO18/50  
Garland Grove 1841 Ann POWERS HO18/50 Aged 24
Garland Grove 1841 Isabella ROBERTSON HO18/55  
Garland Grove 1841 Margaret WISEMAN HO18/50 Aged 17
Garland Grove 1843
Garland Grove 1843 Elizabeth BARRETT ID 5522 Sentenced to death for infanticide - pardoned
Garland Grove 1843 Sarah BENBOW HO18/25 Pgs 87-88  
Garland Grove 1843 Louisa CUTHBERT HO18/85  
Garland Grove 1843 Charity HOGG HO 17/41/162  
Garland Grove 1843 Mary Ann SKINNER HO18/87  
Gilbert Henderson 1840
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Mary Ann ANDREWS HO17/131/4  
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Catherine BARRIE/BARRY HO18/6  
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Louisa BELL HO18/5 Sentenced with William Freegrove and Mary Ann Freegrove
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Margaret BRAYSON HO 17/131/ZZ15 Aged 15
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Elizabeth DAVIES HO18/9  
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Eliza HALL HO18/1 Age 19. Also mentions accomplice Elizabeth Watson
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Mary Ann JONES HO18/2  
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Mary LAMBERT HO18/2 Widow with one child
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Elizabeth MACK

HO13 75/99

Gilbert Henderson 1840 Mary Ann MAKIN HO17/48/GY48 Aged 19
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Elizabeth McKER HO18/2 Elizabeth or Mary or Eliza Hudson or Mcker or Crooks
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Mary Ann PALMER HO17 126/50  
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Isabella SHORT HO 17 126/YZ53 Aged 16
Gilbert Henderson 1840 Susan WHITE HO18/3 At age 15 was sentenced to 15 years transportation
Greenlaw 1844
Greenlaw 1844 Catherine BLACK CRF-1843-B47 Film 50
Greenlaw 1844 Hannah BLACK CRF-1843-B39 Film 50  Combined Petition also refers to Ally Nodwell
Greenlaw 1844 Anne BRADY CRF-1844-B1  
Greenlaw 1844 Alice CONNORS CRF-1843-C77  
Greenlaw 1844 Mary DALY


CRF-1844-D8-FILM 54

 2 petitions with separate references
Greenlaw 1844 Judith DWYER

CRF-1843-L28-Film 52

CRF-1844-D6-FILM 54

First Petition includes Margaret Lynch

2 petitions with separae references.

Greenlaw 1844 Mary FARRELL CRF-1843-F18  
Greenlaw 1844 Ellen HANLEY



Ellen Hanley, aged 12, on the first petition, was  sentenced twice.
Greenlaw 1844 Mary HANLEY CRF 1843 H55 Film 51. Also referred to as Mary Hanly.
Greenlaw 1844 Ellen KANE CRF-1843-K45 Film 51. Ellen was a young girl whose life took a wrong turn when her mother moved away to find work
Greenlaw 1844 Margaret LEAVY CRF-1843-L16  
Greenlaw 1844 Margaret LYNCH CRF-1843-L28 Film 52.  Petition includes Judith Dwyer
Greenlaw 1844 Mary & Bridget MEEHAN CRF-1843-M51 Sisters convicted of the same offence.
Greenlaw 1844 Ally NODWELL CRF-1843-B39 Film 50 Combined Petition also refers to Hannah Black
Greenlaw 1844 Mary REYNOLDS CRF1843-R31 Film 49
Harmony 1829
Harmony 1829 Sarah BROMLEY HO17/31/46  
Harmony 1829 Ellen FRASER HO17/50/38  
Harmony 1829 Ann GARRETT HO17/77/18  
Harmony 1829 Mary HOLLAND HO17/40/13  
Harmony 1829 Ann SMITH HO17/58/KN42  
Harmony 1829 Elizabeth SMITH HO17/40/25  
Harmony 1829 Sarah WOOD HO17/31/13  
Hector 1835
Hector 1835 Mary BRAID HO17/21/6 Petition refers to Mary Braid or Morrison
Hector 1835 Ann HUNT HO17/37/38  
Hector 1835 Margaret Mawcourtney BROWN HO17/42/48  
Hector 1835 Catherine MCKAY HO17/22/50 petition refers to Catherine/Kathrin McKay
Hector 1835 Agnes OGILIVIE  HO17/22/3  
Hector 1835 Margaret WATSON HO17/22/12 Also know as Margaret Wallace
Henry 1825
Henry 1825 Johanna SAUNDERS HO17/49/HK45  Aged 16, first offence.
Hindostan 1839
Hindostan 1839 Mary BIRD HO17/43/124  
Hindostan 1839 Margaret BROWN HO17/126/18 Includes Mary Brown and Sarah Hall - also mentions Pardon for Margaret Brown (12) and Mary Smith (11)
Hindostan 1839 Mary BROWN HO17/126/18 Includes Margaret Brown and Sarah Hall -  also mentions Pardon for Margaret Brown (12) and Mary Smith (11)
Hindostan 1839 Mary Ann BYERS

HO 17/43/FZ35

Hindostan 1839 Mary CLAYTON HO17/121/34  Transported by mistake.
Hindostan 1839 Hannah EDWARDS HO17/71/25  
Hindostan 1839 Eliza FLAHERTY HO17/61/36  
Hindostan 1839 Marianne GALEY HO17/48/36  
Hindostan 1839 Sarah HALL HO17/126/18 Includes Margaret Brown and Mary Brown -  also mentions Pardon for Margaret Brown (12) and Mary Smith (11)
Hindostan 1839 Mary LEWIS HO17/80/11  
Hindostan 1839 Ann LOVELL HO17/61/27  
Hindostan 1839 Emma SHRUBB HO17/116/27  
Hindostan 1839 Sarah SMITH HO17/116/24  
Hindostan 1839 Caroline WHITE HO17/80/33  
Hope 1842
Hope 1842 Nancy ADAMS CRF-  
Hope 1842 Mary CRINNY/CRIMEY


Hope 1842 Eleanor CRADDOCK CRF-1842-C15 Combined petition with husband Thomas Craddock
Hope 1842 Ann DAY CRF-1841-D67  
Hope 1842 Mary FITZPATRICK CRF-1841-F31  
Hope 1842 Margaret GRIFFEN CRF-1841-G23 Combined petition with husband Daniel Griffen
Hope 1842 Mary HALFPENNY


Combined petition with Mary Walsh
Hope 1842 Mary HANRAHAN CRF-1841-H45  
Hope 1842 Margaret HIGGINS CRF-1842-H1  
Hope 1842 Mary Jane ISLES CRF-1841-I2  
Hope 1842 Sarah JORDAN CRF-1841-J18  
Hope 1842 Mary LINN CRF-1841-L31  
Hope 1842 Mary LONDERGAN CRF-1842-L5 Film 48
Hope 1842 Anne MACNALLY CRF-1841-Mc58  
Hope 1842 Mary Ann McCRISTAL CRF-1841-Mc81 Aso mentions Sarah Jane Johnston per Hope
Hope 1842 Anne McGIBNEY CRF-1841-Mc35 Combined petition with husband Thomas McGibney per Richard Webb
Hope 1842 Margaret McLOUGHLIN CRF-1842-Mc2  
Hope 1842 Margaret MADDEN CRF-1842-M15  
Hope 1842 Ellen MAGRATH CRF-1841-Mc79  
Hope 1842 Mary NEWELL


Transported with child Mary (10mths), leaving behind 5 orphaned children.
Hope 1842 Eliza NOLAN (MURPHY) CRF-1841-N13 She was seventeen according to Indent Records and her family had hit hard times because of the death of her father. The petitions hint at trouble within the family.
Hope 1842 Margaret NOONAN CRF-1841-N7  
Hope 1842 Mary POLLARD CRF 1842 P2 Film 42
Hope 1842 Honora SHEEHAN CRF-1842-S5    
Hope 1842 Mary THORPE CRF-1842-T7  
Hope 1842 Mary TRAINOR CRF-1841-T2 Film 46. Consists of Judges comments as he said he had lost the petition.
Hope 1842 Mary WALSH


Mary Walsh was transported with child Mary (22mths). Petition also included Mary Halfpenny.
Hydery 1832
Hydery 1832 Eliza ROBERTS HO 17/59/95O Also mentions Ann Smith who was convicted with Eliza.
Jane 1833
Jane 1833 Eliza BROWN HO17/64/10  
Jane 1833 Letitia FARN HO17/46/142  
Jane 1833 Elizabeth JONES HO18/10 Petition includes a letter sent to her mother in 1838.
Jane 1833 Mary SHARPE HO17/69/MR10 Aged 20
Jane 1833 Maria WRIGHT HO17/69/MR23 Aged 17, also William Wright aged 20.
John Calvin 1848
John Calvin 1848 Peggy CRUMMER CRF-1847-C16 Convicted (along with her husband) of murdering father-in-law. Baby born while in custody.
John Calvin 1848 Jane KEARNEY (McLAUGHLIN) CRF 1846 K34 Jane, (mother of 3) died at sea, had her baby daughter(Margaret McLaughlin) with her, who survived and was sent to the Orphan School
John Calvin 1848 Sarah KELLY CRF 1847 K16 "Prisoner will not be removed until after her confinement"
John Calvin 1848 Catherine MURPHY CRF-1847-M48  
John Clavin 1848 Ann PURVIS CRF 1847 P6  
John Calvin  1848 Margaret WOODS  CRF-1847-W12  
John William Dare 1852
John William Dare 1852 Rose BUCHANAN CRF-1851-B34  
John William Dare 1852 Ann CAHILL CRF-1851-C17  
John William Dare 1852 Mary Connelly CRF-1851-C8  
Kinnear 1848
Kinnear 1848 Ann FOSTER CRF 1847 F19  
Kinnear 1848 Mary ORR CRF 1848 O8  
Lady Nelson 1812
Lady Nelson 1812 Rachel WRIGHT HO47/43/1-12  
Lady of the Lake 1829
Lady of the Lake 1829 Elizabeth DIX HO17/77/13  
Lady of the Lake 1829 Ann GOODIER HO17/128/10 Surname spelt as GOODYEAR in the petition
Lady of the Lake 1829 Eleanor LANGUAGE HO17/128/39  
Lloyds 1845
Lloyds 1845 Rebecca CARR HO18/125  
Lloyds 1845 Elizabeth CLARKSON and Ann FENN HO18/143 Convicted of Highway Robbery along with William Little and William Barker.
Lloyds 1845 Mary Ann DAVENPORT HO18/156  
Lloyds 1845 Ann DAVIS HO18/156  
Lloyds 1845 Mary DAVIS HO18/156 ID7524  
Lloyds 1845 Elizabeth DONOVAN HO18/145 At age 16 received 10 years transportation
Lloyds 1845 Ann FENN and Elizabeth CLARKSON HO18/143 Convicted of Highway Robbery along with William Little and William Barker.
Lloyds 1845 Sarah JOBSON HO18/143 Sarah Jobson was aged 14 years.
Lloyds 1845 Martha MORGAN HO18/150 Petition also mentions Ann Gibson
Lloyds 1845 Mary THICKBROOM HO18/162 Mary was a widow with 5 children.
Lloyds 1845 Esther TIERS HO18/151  
Lloyds 1845 Alice WATSON HO18/163  
Lloyds 1845 Isobel WILSON HO18/163 Signed per petition Isobel Wilson or Lavender
Lord Auckland 1849
Lord Auckland 1849 Ellen CRONIN/CRYON CRF 1848 C77  
Lord Auckland 1849 Margaret DWYER CRF 1848 D43  
Lord Auckland 1849 Ann LEDGER CRF 1848 L28  
Lord Auckland 1849 Bridget NOLAN CRF 1848 N3 Infanticide
Lord Sidmouth 1823
Lord Sidmouth 1823 Ann Moore HO17/6/51  
Lord Sidmouth 1823 Frances POTTS HO17/117/10  
Lord Sidmouth 1823 Eleanor SHRIEVES HO17/92/2  
Majestic 1839
Majestic 1839 Ann BRENNAN HO17/111/22 Petition states Ann was the mother of 4 Children under 8 years - the youngest, a son of 4 months, was with his mother.
Majestic 1839 Dorothy BROUGHTON HO17/86/18  
Majestic 1839 Sarah BROWN HO18/190 Aged 16.
Majestic 1839 Ann GODDARD HO17/101/4 Combined Petition with George Pearson
Majestic 1839 Catherine HARVEY HO17/71/85  
Majestic 1839 Hannah HEATH HO17/86/33 Petition also mentions Anne Wycherley convicted of similar crime as Hannah Heath. Ann Wycherley had no reprieve.
Majestic 1839 Mary HERITAGE HO17/71/52  
Majestic 1839 Mary KELLY HO17/131/47 Sentenced alongside Mary Cavanagh
Majestic 1839 Elizabeth KING HO17/101/15  
Majestic 1839 Ann MACK HO17/101/49  
Majestic 1839 Sarah MOORE HO17/5/119  
Majestic 1839 Ann SMITH HO17/111/13 Petition also mentions Ann's mother, Ann Harrison who was convicted but not transported.
Margaret 1843
Margaret 1843 Ellen BAILEY HO18/91  
Margaret 1843 Ann BAKER HO18/85  
Maragret 1843 Mary BRIGGS HO18/91 Aged 16.
Margaret 1843 Elizabeth COLLINGS ID 8040 Combined petition with Martha Gregory
Margaret 1843 Mary Ann GOATLEY HO18/92 Also referred to as Ann Mary Goatley (stealing from the Queen's palace at Hampton)
Margaret 1843 Martha GREGORY ID 8066 Combined petition with Elizabeth Collings


Mary MAHONEY HO18/93 Includes Mary Tooney
Margaret 1843 Margaret ROWLANDS HO18/95 States her age was 52 not 42
Margaret 1843 Mary TOONEY HO18/93 Included in petition for Mary Mahoney
Maria 1849
Maria 1849 Margaret HICKEY CRF 1848 H 48 Aged 15?
Mary 1823
Mary 1823 Susan CORFIELD HO17/117/41  
Mary 1831
Mary 1831 Isabella DEWAR HO18/141  
Mary 1831 Martha GALWAY HO17/50/84  
Mary 1831 Jane HARDY HO17/122/9 Jane committed the crime with the intention of joining her husband John Hardy who was  transported to NSW
Mary 1831 Harriet MANNERS HO 17/54/83  
Mary 1831 Jane RAYDEN HO17/73/117  
Mary Anne 1821
Mary Anne 1821 Mary Ann GRIFFIN HO17/49/37  
Mary Anne 1841
Mary Anne 1841 Johanna AHERN


Mary Anne 1841 Catherine BEHAN CRF-1840-B55  
Mary Anne  1841  Judith GIBNEY CRF-1840-G40 Judith had her sentenced commuted to 1 year imprisonment but it was too late the Mary Anne had sailed.
Mary Anne 1841 Ann KENNY CRF-1840-K42 Film 41
Mary Anne 1841 Ann MURPHY  #327 CRF-1840-M67

Judith Leary, Mexborough 1841, was also mentioned in this petition.

Mary Anne  1841  Margaret O'SHEA CRF-1840-S25 Film 43 
Mary Anne 1841 Mary Anne POOLE CRF-1840-P14 Film 42
Mary Anne 1841 Susanna PRINCE CRF-1840-P15 Film 42
Mary Anne 1841 Margaret TANVER/PEAKE/PIKE/TANNER CRF 1840 P2 Mother of 3 young children, deserted by husband.
Mary Anne 1841 Ann WALSH CRF-1840-W26 Film 43 
Mellish 1830
Mellish 1830 Charlotte ATKINS HO17/93/17  
Mellish 1830 Jane COLLINS HO17/83/PO19  
Mellish 1830 Ellen McHENRY HO17/77/14  
Mellish 1830 Mary Ann MALLAM HO17/88/31  
Mellish 1830 Catherine RION HO17/88/53  
Mellish 1830 Charlotte SINGLETON HO17/83/30  
Mellish 1830 Sarah SMITH HO17/103/14  
Mellish 1830 Sarah WILLIS HO17/88/33  
Mermaid 1828
Mermaid 1828 Mary Ann LYONS HO17/112/14  
Mermaid 1828 Mary MASON HO17/112/15  
Mermaid 1828 Elizabeth MILLER HO17/93/2  
Mermaid 1828 Sarah WILSON HO17/112/41  
Mexborough 1841
Mexborough 1841 Anne BEIRNE CRF-1841-B8  
Mexborough 1841 Anne BOLTON CRF-1841-B40  
Mexborough 1841 Mary BYRNE CRF-1841-B51  
Mexborough 1841 Honora CUNNINGHAM CRF-1841-C10  
Mexborough 1841 Catherine DALTON CRF-1841-D19  
Mexborough 1841 Anne DINNING CRF-1841-D6  
Mexborough 1841 Judith LEARY CRF-1840-M67 This is the petition of Ann Murphy #327 on Mary Anne 1841 in which Judith Leary was mentioned
Mexborough 1841 Ellen/Ellinor MAGEE


CRF 1839 Mc 29

Ellen had a successful petition in 1839 and a second unsuccessful one in 1841 for stealing turf.
Mexborough 1841 Anne MARTIN CRF 1839 – M71  
Mexborough 1841 Eliza McILVEEN CRF-1841-Mc12 Combined petition with Mary Moody
Mexborough 1841 Mary MOODY CRF-1841-Mc12 Combined petition with Eliza McIlveen
Mexborough 1841 Mary MOODY CRF-1841-M12  
Mexborough 1841 Anne MULLAN CRF-1841-M32  
Mexborough 1841 Margaret O'HARA CRF-1841-O5 Film 45
Mexborough 1841 Catherine NICHOLSON CRF-1841-N4  
Mexborough 1841 Catherine RITCHIE CRF-1841-R14 Film 45
Mexborough 1841 Catherine RYAN CRF-1841-R5 Film 45
Mexborough 1841 Joanna TAYLOR CRF-1840-T4 Film 43  Includes a strong letter from Joanna's step-mother arguing why she should be transported.
Mexborough 1841 Eliza WALL CRF-1841-W3 Film 46
Mexborough  1841  Eliza WALSH  CRF-1841-W4   
Midas 1825
Midas 1825 Elizabeth LEWIS HO17/127/15  
Midas 1825 Mary WILLIAMS HO17/76/11  
Midlothian 1853
Midlothian 1853 Catherine NALLY CRF-1852-N6  
Midlothian  1853 Maria ROURKE CRF-1852-R5  
Nautilus 1838
Nautilus 1838 Jane DUFF HO17/61/55  
Nautilus 1838 Mary HAYWOOD HO17/116/50  
Nautilus 1838 Sarah SMITH HO17/29/41  
Navarino 1841
Navarino 1841 Agnes BLAIR HO18/25 Also referred to as Agnes Munroe
Navarino 1841 Elizabeth GREEN HO18/6  
New Grove 1835
New Grove 1835 Norah DENNY

HO 17/ 79/OV14

New Grove 1835 Elizabeth LOCK HO17/74/8 Also referred to as Elizabeth Gibbs Lock
New Grove 1835 Elizabeth MASON HO17/74/14  
New Grove 1835 Sarah MAYNARD HO17/90/17  
New Grove 1835 Emma PALMER HO17/74/31  
New Grove 1835 Ann PHILLIPS HO17/55/15  
New Grove 1835 Elizabeth PINKERTON HO17/74/24  
New Grove 1835 Ann TILSED HO17/47/8  
New Grove 1835 Ann WEATHERBY HO17/90/6 Referred to in petition as Ann Weatherley
Persian 1827
Persian 1827 Elizabeth ALLENDER HO17/117/37  
Phoebe 1845
Phoebe 1845 Mary Ann BENNETT CRF-1844-B46-FILM 54 Also referred to as Maryann Bennett.
Phoebe 1845 Judith BYRNE & Margaret BYRNE CRF-1844-B1&B2  
Phoebe 1845 Mary CARROLL


CRF-1844-C38 FILM 54

Phoebe 1845 Mary CONNELLY

CRF-1844-C43-FILM 54

Phoebe 1845 Susan DUNLOP CRF-1841-D60 Combined petition with Ann Kerr
Phoebe 1845 Mary FOLEY

CRF-1844-F8-FILM 54

Mary had 2 orphans dependant on her
Phoebe 1845 Bridget GARDINER

CRF-1844-G23–FILM 54

Mother of 8 'helpless' orphans
Phoebe 1845 Charlotte GRAHAM CRF-1844-G29-Film 54  
Phoebe 1845 Mary HANIFAN CRF-1844-H13–FILM 54  
Phoebe 1845 Cecelia HIGGINS CRF-1843-H63  
Phoebe 1845 Eliza KELLY (aka GANNON)

CRF 1844-C38-Film 54

Phoebe 1845 Ann KERR


CRF 1843 K18

Combined petition with Susan Dunlop
Phoebe 1845 Elizabeth LEE CRF 1844 L220  
Phoebe 1845 Mary MAGUIRE (with 1 child)

CRF 1844-M42-Film 56

Convicted with husband Patrick Maguire, 7 children left behind.
Phoebe 1845 Margaret McCARTHY CRF 1844-Mc38-Film 55 Also known as Honora Regan (Died on board - refer to Cadet's Surgeon's Journal)
Phoebe 1845 Mary Ann McFALL

CRF 1844-Mc18-Film 55

"large with child" at time of petition
Phoebe 1845 Alice McQUADE CRF1844 Mc41 Widow with 2 children
Phoebe 1845 Mary MOONEY CRF 1844 Misc 10  
Phoebe 1845 Mary MURRAY CRF1844 M 38  
Phoebe 1845 Ann NEILL NAI CRF 1844 N5  
Phoebe 1845 Jane O'BRIEN NAI CRF 1844 B42 Also spelt Jane Brines/Jane Brien on the petition.
Phoebe 1845 Sarah O'BRIEN CRF 1844 - O3  
Phoebe 1845 Margaret WALSH CRF 1844 W11 Margaret Walsh (#1) on Conduct Records Books (No.622) and Margaret Walsh (#2) TAHO index No.  73156
Platina 1837
Platina 1837 Mary ECCLES

HO 17/43/FX 6

Platina 1837 Susan FEATHERSTONE HO17/48/11  
Platina 1837 Ann JENNINGS HO17/71/31  
Platina 1837 Elizabeth ROPER HO17/130/44  
Platina 1837 Elizabeth WARE HO17/29/32  
Platina 1837 Elizabeth WILSON HO17/88/9  
Porpoise 1808
Porpoise 1808 Catherine HEYLAND HO13/6/page 411, 425-428  
Providence 1825
Providence 1825 Elizabeth DOYLE HO17/10/28  
Providence 1825 Dorothy HAMMOND HO17/39/141  
Providence 1825 Charlotte WILLIAMS HO17/34/125 Petition also mentions Charlotte Groves 
Rajah 1841
Rajah 1841 Mary CLARK HO18/209  
Rajah 1841 Maria FEANES HO18/38  
Rajah 1841 Sarah LUCAS HO18/41  
Royal Admiral
Royal Admiral 1842 Mary BRAUNTSTONE HO18/69 Aged 16, petition request to send her to the Penitentiary, as the best means of rescuing her from ruin.
Royal Admiral 1842 Mary CAMPBELL (or MILLER) HO18/69  
Royal Admiral 1842 Susan CULLING HO18/64 Susan Culling was aged 13 years.
Royal Admiral 1842 Hannah JOYCE HO18/68  
Royal Admiral 1842 Catherine OAKFORD HO18/68 Nee Cadam/Cadain
Royal Admiral 1842 Elizabeth WOODS HO18/69  
Sea Queen 1846
Sea Queen 1846 Ann ADAMS HO18/167  
Sea Queen 1846 Ann BALSHAW HO18/167 Aged 12
Sea Queen 1846 Mary BEST HO18/167  
Sea Queen 1846 Jane CASTINGS HO18/171  
Sea Queen 1846 Eliza DIXON HO18/167 Aged 16
Sea Queen 1846 Mary DOYLE HO18/168 Aged 17
Sea Queen 1846 Ann GLAZE HO18/168 Aged 18
Sea Queen 1846 Ann JONES HO18/169  
Sea Queen 1846 Margaret PATTINSON ID 10993  

Sea Queen

1846 Elizabeth QUARMBY HO18/176 Also spelt Elizabeth Quamby
Sea Queen 1846 Ruth RICHARDSON HO18/177  
Sea Queen 1846 Eliza WHITE HO18/179 Aged 13
Sea Queen 1846 Anne WILSON HO18/179  
Sea Queen 1846 Harriet YOUNG HO18/179  
Sir Charles Forbes 1827
Sir Charles Forbes 1827 Ann Davis HO17/93/35 Ann Fitzgerald alias Ann Davies alias Ann Davis
Sir Charles Forbes 1827 Mary GOVIER HO17/76/OL41 Died at sea.
Sir Charles Forbes 1827 Mary MCCARTY HO17/67/34  
Sir Carles Forbes 1827 Sarah WHITEHEAD HO17/87/QL18  
Sir Robert Seppings 1852
Sir Robert Seppings 1852 Agnes Frances CAPON HO18/318  
Sir Robert Seppings 1852 Susannah GLEED HO18/328  
Sir Robert Seppings 1852 Amelia LANGLEY HO18/325  
Sir Robert Seppings 1852 Martha OSBORNE HO18/318  
Sir Robert Seppings 1852 Mary ROGERS HO18/312  
Sir Robert Seppings 1852 Ann VERNON HO18/308  
Sovereign 1827
Sovereign 1827 Mary WILKES HO17/62/21  
Stately 1849
Stately 1849 Jane CHARLTON HO18/219  
Stately 1849 Susannah DUFFEY HO18/223  
Stately 1849 Anna SMITH HO18/251  
Stately 1849 Catherine or Caroline WALTERS HO18/258 Interesting list of items stolen
Stately 1849 Elizabeth WESLEY HO18/262  
Stately 1849 Jane WING HO18/261 Aged 16
St Vincent 1850
St Vincent 1850 Mary BANYARD HO18/265  
St Vincent 1850 Emma BEAUMONT HO18/215 Sentenced (along with Mary Fitzgerald) for 15 years for enticing Mary Fitzgerald to commit arson.
St Vincent 1850 Ann BUXTON HO18/265  
St Vincent 1850 Isabella CRAWFORD (O'BRIAN) ID11537 Also referred to as Isabella O'Brian
St Vincent 1850 Mary CROOK HO18/264 Alias Mary Crooks
St Vincent 1850 Eliza ELLIS HO18/265 Transported by mistake
St Vincent 1850 Margaret LOGAN HO18/236  
St Vincent 1850 Ellen HEATH HO18/231  
St Vincent 1850 Anne MATTHEWS HO18/242  
St Vincent 1850 Ann SMITH HO18/253  
St Vincent 1850 Ann THOMPSON HO18/255  
Tasmania 1844
Tasmania 1844 Mary Ann CUNNINGHAM HO18/125  
Tasmania 1844 Mary DAVIES HO18/118  
Tasmania 1844 Emma GEORGE HO18/139 Also mentions Emma Little (21)
Tasmania 1844 Sarah HALMARACK HO18/128  
Tasmania 1844 Sarah LAMB HO18/130  
Tasmania 1844 Margaret LOW HO18/133 Referred to as Margaret Low or Allan
Tasmania 1844 Mary Ann MONTAGUE HO18/142 Alias Watts
Tasmania 1844 Ann SMITH HO18/145 Revised version
Tasmania 1844 Eliza SMITH HO18/134 Declared married name Mary Ann Grady (Maiden name Mary Ann Purdy)
Tasmania 1844 Elizabeth WHITBURN HO18/147  
Tasmania 1844 Margaret WILKINSON HO18/135 Aged 16 years
Tasmania 1845
Tasmania 1845 Bell AMOS

CRF 1845 – A7 – Film 56

(AKA Elizabeth Amos) also mentions Anne McAvine and Catherine Foy
Tasmania 1845 Esther BURGES/BURGESS (with 5 children) and daughter Mary BURGES/BURGESS

CRF 1845-B15-Film 56

Tried with Margaret Butler and Mary Griffen

Tasmania 1845 Margaret BUTLER

CRF-1845-B14-Film 56

Widow of 6 Children (2 with her)  Esther Burgess, Mary Burgess, & Mary Griffin
Tasmania 1845 Honora CULLEN (AKA CURRA)(with child) CRF-1844-C63-FILM 54  
Tasmania 1845 Eliza DAVIS

CRF 1845-D18- Film 57

Death sentence for infanticided commuted to transportation after pleas for mercy on her behalf.
Tasmania 1845 Bridget EGAN CRF 1845 E1 Convicted of vagrancy, transported for 10 yrs.
Tasmania 1845 Anne FLANNERY

CRF 1845 – F6

Transported for 15 yrs for arson.
Tasmania 1845 Catherine HUGHES CRF-1844-H34 –FILM 54  
Tasmania 1845 Eliza HUNTER CRF 1845 – H32  
Tasmania 1845 Mary McVEAGH CRF1844 Mc51  
Tasmania 1845 Mary MEAGHAR CRF 1845 M17 Name spelt as 'Maher' on Irish Petition
Tasmania 1845 Catherine RILEY CRF 1845 – R6 Catherine dressed and lived as a male servant - male servants earned a higher wage than females.
Tasmania 1845 Isabella ROONEY CRF 1845 R27 Aka Bell Rooney. Also mentions Eliza/Elisa Madine.
Tasmania 1845 Mary SULLIVAN CRF 1845 S12 Petition refers to Mary as "Elizabeth".
Tasmania 1845 Elizabeth WRIGHT CRF 1845 W2 Husband Convicted for same crime. Mother of 6 children, 2 could accompany her.
Tory 1845
Tory 1845 Mary BARRY HO18/141 Aged 14
Tory 1845 Ellen COOK ID 12172  
Tory 1845 Sarah HEALY HO18/144  
Tory 1845 Harriet MARTIN FMP Mother of 5 children
Tory 1845 Margaret RAFFERTY HO18/145  
Tory 1848
Tory 1848 Elizabeth BARTLE HO18/206 Elizabeth was 15 years of age.
Tory 1848 Mary CULL HO18/217 Aged 16 years
Tory 1848 Mary Ann HUTCHINSON HO18/228  
Tory 1848 Margaret KING HO18/208 Attempted murder of husband
Tory 1848 Mary Ann PLUMMER HO18/209  
Tory 1848 Grace SCOULLAR or MARSHALL HO18/250  
Tory 1848 Jane SPARROW HO18/250  
Tory 1848 Mary Ann TINSDALE HO18/243  
Tory 1848 Honor TREMELLING HO18/199  
Waverley 1842
Waverley 1842 Eliza BASKERVILLE CRF-1842-B6  
Waverley 1842 Bridget CONWAY senior CRF-1842-C60 Husband and 3 daughters also
Waverley 1842 Mary DELANY CRF-1842-M51 Included with Margaret Poor in the successful petition of Eleanor Mahoney
Waverley 1842 Margaret HYNES CRF-    H22 Film 47-1
Waverley 1842 Catherine KELLY CRF-1842-K4  
Waverley 1842 Anne LARNEY CRF-1841-C67; CRF-1841-L11  
Waverley 1842 Margaret LEAHY CRF-1842-L11  
Waverley 1842 Rose MANNING CRF-1842-M69  
Waverley 1842 Peggy Jane McILMUNRA CRF-1841-L31  
Waverley 1842 Bridget MURRAY CRF-1842-M21  
Waverley 1842 Margaret POOR CRF-1842-M51 Included with Mary Delany in the successful petition of Eleanor Mahony
Waverley 1842 Catherine RAFFERTY CRF-1842-R4  
Waverley 1842 Johanna SCANLON CRF-1842-S40  
Waverley 1842 Eliza SHEERAN CRF-1842-S  
Waverley 1842 Catherine SMITH CRF-1842-S20  
Waverley 1847
Waverley 1847 Mary BYRON CRF-1847-B3  
Waverley 1847 Catherine COLLIGAN/COLGAN CRF-1847-C101 Convicted of Murder
Waverley 1847 Bridget HAYES


CRF 1847 H4 


Petition shared with Alice Moylan

Waverley 1847 Rose McGORRY CRF-1847-MC12 Murder of her 4 yr old child
Waverley 1847 Alice MOYLAN CRF 1847 H4 Petition shared with Bridget Hayes
Waverley 1847 Mary MURRAY CRF 1847 M21  
Waverley 1847 Anne Jane SHANNON CRF-1846-S11  
Westmorland 1836
Westmoreland 1836 Mary Elizabeth BOLTON HO17/47/21 Petition refers to Mary Eliza Bolton
Westmoreland 1836 Ann BUCHANAN HO17/24/BN5  
Westmoreland 1836 Mary Ann HOONE HO17/90/43  
Westmoreland 1836 Elizabeth KING HO17/96/39 Mentions her Mother was Hannah Randale/Randall. Also mentions Ann Stephens convicted under the same indictment. 
Westmoreland 1836 Alison MORRISON HO17/24/19  
William Bryan 1833
William Bryan 1833 Margaret ALLEN HO17/104/TR31 Aged 15, daughter of Michael & Margaret Hallman. Also mentions accomplice Mary Gaskin.
William Byran 1833 Mary CLAY HO17/119/XR53 2 indictments of Bigamy
William Bryan 1833 Elizabeth CROUCH HO17/94/RR62  
William Bryan 1833 Sarah McLAUGHLEN HO17/94/80 Petition also mentions Mary Ann [Tracy] under same sentence
William Bryan 1833 Sarah SPARROW HO17/105/TW8 Aged 16
William Bryan 1833 Mary WATTS HO17/119/3  
Woodbridge 1843 Esher CRUTCHLEY HO18/103  
Woodbridge 1843 Margaret HAYES HO18/105 Tried and convicted together with CATHERINE BRYANT and HANNAH DALY
Woodbridge 1843 Ellen HILL HO18/208  
Woodbridge 1843 Amelia HOUGH HO18/172  
Woodbridge 1843 Elizabeth LEES HO18/108  
Woodbridge 1843 Ellen MORTIMER HO18/115 & 120 Contains a hostile petition
Woodbridge 1843 Catherine OLIVER HO18/111  
Woodbridge 1843 Phoebe PATRICK HO18/111 At age 17 caught with a silk hankerchief
Woodbridge 1843 Elizabeth SIDNELL HO18/113  
Woodbridge 1843 Mary Ann SOMMERVILLE HO18/100 Also referred to as Mary Ann Walker


Petitions (Ships direct to New South Wales)




Convict Transcript Ship to VDL Comments
Friends  1811 Martha ROWE  HO13/20/387 Ruby, 1812 Original sentence: death
Maria 1818 Mary DITCHFIELD  HO47/14 Elizabeth Henrietta, 1818 Original sentence: death
William Pitt
William Pitt  1806 Diana/Dinne BENT  HO13/16/p. 83-85 Lady Nelson, 1812  

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The Local Historian Volume 41, Number 1 February 2011, pages 44-51.

Petitioning For Mercy In Mid-nineteenth Century Yorkshire   by Dick Hunter





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