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Transferring convict women by train from county gaol to Grange Gorman gaol to await transport via the ship Martin Luther

Limerick Chronicle - Wednesday 28 January 1852, p1: The following convicts were transmitted from Limerick gaol on Monday by rail, for Dublin, with police escort under Head Constable Joynt: County convicts – Johanna Sullivan, Eliza Roche, Margaret McNamara, Bridget McNamara, Catherine Hayes, arson, to be transported for life; Catherine Quin and Mary O’Brien, arson, for 15 years; Bridget Carroll, Johanna Lynch, Bridget Ryan, Mary McQuain, Margaret Ryan, Johanna Slattery, Margaret Duhig, Mary Fitzgerald, Bridget Fitzgerald, Honora Dea, Ellen Sowney, receiving stolen goods, 7 years. City convicts – Mary Hanneen, Catherine McInerney, Margaret Ryan, Bridget Flannery, Rose O’Hara, Mary Kelly, for larceny, 7 years each.



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 The East London by Colleen Arulappe Chapter 4: The Women from Country Cavan Gaols









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