Guest Researcher Subscription

You are welcome to apply for registration as a Guest Researcher on a 12 month subscription plan.  You will be notified when the plan is due to expire and invited to renew your subscription.   Subscriptions are free.  If you wish to apply for FCRC Membership please read more here.

Please enter information on the form below to process your registration for Guest Researcher.

Tips for a successful registration

  • - You will be required to select a username which is unique to the database. If your selected username is already in use, the username form field will empty and you will have to try another username. Usernames can only be updated after registration by emailing the administrator.
  • - The email address you nominate must be unique to the database. TrashMail or non-genuine email addresses will not be accepted.
  • - The password requires you to use at least one letter and one number, with a minimum of five characters.  Please remember your password!
  • - We recommend you also read our policies for Privacy and using this website.
  • - If your application form has been completed successfully, you will immediately receive a success message and an email.  If you do not receive this message immediately you should try again with a different username or check the required fields have been completed

Once your registration has been approved you will receive an email.  Please note that your registration login and password is for logging into the Researcher area of the website, it cannot be used for accessing the database which is hosted externally.