You may find some of the material available on line useful for your convict research.


TAHO Collections - Released July to September 2017


  • Letter book of the Superintendent of the Bridgewater Road Station, 1839-1845 CB55/1 
  • Register of applications by prisoners held in the Hobart Barracks for permission to write letters, 1855-1857 CON168  
  • Register of Absentees from the Hobart Prisoners’ Barracks, July-November 1853 CON164
  • Semaphore Code Dictionary – Tasman Peninsula, c.1868 (shows the words and numbers used to flag messages between stations) CON133
  • Statistical Returns for the number of convicts employed at the Military Barracks, Hobart, January-March 1852 AA968
  • Minutes of hearings before magistrates of charges against prisoners in the Barracks, April 1844-June 1845 CON166
  • Return of Women transferred from the Launceston House of Correction to the Ross House of Correction, June 1854 AA967
  • Register of convict in the service of settlers in the New Norfolk district, March 1833-January 1853 POL514
  • Register of convicts in the service of settles in the Richmond area, 1832-1853 POL584
  • Alphabetical index to convicts who were the subjects of correspondence concerning remission of sentences, May 1857-October 1857 CON48
  • Register of convicts’ applications to interview the Comptroller-General and Sherriff, 1862-1886 CON49
  • Register of petitions referred to Comptroller-General and Sherriff, 1862-1864 CON46
  • Register of the issue of subpoena for witnesses to attend Quarter Sessions, 1852-1857 AF920
  • Register of the issue of subpoena for witnesses to attend Supreme Court, 1852-1859 (earlier register 1834-1839 not yet digitised) SC183
  • Record of cases heard in Lower Court Petty Sessions, Green Ponds (Kempton) early gap filled, March 1834-January 1835 (LC194/4/1) LC194
  • Photographs of convicted criminals from Head Office police records, last volume in the series completed, 1928-1931

(POL708-1-5-names added by TIRS) POL708


  • Admission register, Royal Derwent Hospital, 1830-1900

(register was started in 1859; the early entries were compiled retrospectively from other records in existence at that time) HSD247